In a living room in Rowlett, the Hooten and Lee families had gathered for a prayer for strength.

"It's been the toughest days of our far," said mother Jana Hooten.

Steve and Jana Hooten work through the loss of their daughter, Ally. The 16-year-old was killed in an ATV crash in Nocona, Texas.

She was riding with a younger sister and a friend. Texas DPS told News 8 it appeared the three girls were riding on the shoulder of the road when a vehicle rear-ended them.

"We were just blessed. We're blessed that we were able to have her for 16-and-a-half years," said Jana.

Steve, a Richardson Police officer, took his daughters on a hunting trip for the weekend. The father said Ally was never really into hunting but felt compelled to go with the family this time around.

The Hooten family tells News 8 that their youngest, Sara, and their family friend were badly hurt and are now recovering.

"[Sara] somehow was able to get to her phone and call. She wasn't able to speak or anything," said Steve, who knew right away something was wrong.

Steve said her daughter was a devout sophomore with a penchant for planning. She had an eye for art and a strive to be perfect.

"She could self-teach herself just about anything," said Steve.

"Our prayer is that more and more people could come to know Him because that's what Ally wanted," said a grieving mother.

At her school at Wylie Preparatory Academy, the star athlete was remembered in the color pink. Sports teams donned pink shirts and a memorial with flowers and candles sits out in front of the school. The flag was also at half-staff.

"I don't have to worry about her anymore because I know who's taking care of her...I know where she is," said mom.

The family hopes Ally's story of faith continues to move people.

According to the school's Facebook page, school will be closed on Friday at Wylie Prep so fellow classmates could attend the funeral.