The first day of early voting shattered records across the state, approaching voter turnout often reserved for the first day of early voting in presidential elections.

Collin County recorded 33,348 votes on the first day of early voting, triple what would be normal in a mid-term election. Same situation in Dallas County where the first day recorded 57,080 votes. And in Tarrant County, which went heavily for Donald Trump in 2016, near presidential levels again with 40,422 casting ballots.

And in Harris County, where President Trump campaigned with Senator Ted Cruz Monday night in downtown Houston at the Toyota Center, more than 63,000 cast ballots, the largest number of voters ever on the first day of early voting in Harris County.

"The interest is up across the board for this one," said Collin County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet when asked who he thought, Democrat or Republican, was most motivated to get the polls. "I really do think the interest applies to both of the major parties."

"Well, basically for me, I just wanted to make sure that my vote got counted," said Mark Barnes with his wife Ginger after they voted in McKinney.

"That's why I came out early to vote," added voter, Wanda Williams from Anna. "I want to ensure that my vote is counted."

Early exit polling confirms the Senator Ted Cruz - Rep. Beto O'Rourke race, is fueling most of the early race to the polls. The question, the be answered in the next several days by election polling and the November 6th election itself, is whether the oft-predicted "blue wave" is actually happening. Elections officials suggest the wave may actually be deep purple - with both Republicans and Democrats motivated to vote early.

"The Senator's race with Cruz and O'Rourke was the big one," Mark Barnes admitted.

"Absolutely it is," said Wanda Williams.

"I think without a doubt that's it," added Sherbet.

But as Tarrant County Elections Administrator Heider Garcia told WFAA the large voter turnout, while "more than I was a good problem to have."

The division, and dedication to party, are evident on streets like Gettysburg Lane in Richardson where the battle lines are drawn with a Beto sign in the front yard of one home with a Cruz sign in the front yard at the neighbor to its right.

"I think that it's fantastic," voter Wanda Williams said of the record voter turnout. "That everybody is motivated, either way."

Motivation expected to continue in record numbers by the time this mid-term election is over.