A recent Texas Tech graduate is among the more than 500 people who were injured in a mass shooting Sunday night in Las Vegas at a music festival.

Friends and family were taking to social media to express how grateful they are that 23-year-old Danae Gibbs is not one of the 58 who died in the shooting.

Danae's father posted Darrell posted a message thanking everyone for their prayers after posting that she was one of the shooting victims.

One friend of Gibbs set up a GoFundMe Page after learning of the shooting in a Facebook post. "We're all in shock. We can't believe this happened to Danae," said Jennifer Draper, a family friend. "I mean, she's always going to these concerts."

Draper, who grew up with Gibbs, confirmed that she graduated from Texas Tech in May. "She's a great person, everybody loves her."

Draper also said that Gibbs is a huge country music fan, and frequents concerts like the one she was attending when she was shot twice. "Just yesterday, everything was fine and then you wake up and find this out."

"It's shocking to find out someone from home is affected by it."

Gibbs was one of 515 injured at the Route 91 country music festival. As of 2 p.m. Monday, authorities said 58 people were dead.

Authorities said the gunman 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who turned the gun on himself after opening fire on hundreds, also had ties to Texas, and was a former resident of Mesquite.