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'We are the change': Protesters pray for peace outside Dallas City Hall

People of all races, religions and backgrounds gathered at city hall to pray for change, reform and peace.

DALLAS — They had their hands up -- but in prayer.

Faith leaders say it's time for the church to speak loudly against injustice.

"We kind of keep silent on stuff like this, but while we keep silent, things are steadily getting worse,” said Krishunna Smith, event organizer.

At today's event, there were people from all different religions, races and backgrounds. 

"You see this, this is unity. This is beautiful. This is what our world needs to look like,” said Slowanna Delavontae, protester.

They too demanded change but say change starts with each of us.

"It's going to take everybody everywhere coming together,” said Smith.

They say because at the end of the day, we are all one people. 

"Up under this coat it's blood and bones. We all bleed the same blood. We all have the same message,” said Delavontae.

The message was unity. 

"We want to see unity in our world and see people come together, and we don't want no more violence, and we don't want to see no more injustice,” said Valerie Perez. 

While they believe in the power of prayer, they say there is also power in each of us to make change.

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