A couple from Paris, TX now has a wedding to plan following a very clever proposal that involved Christmas lights in the metro.

Corey Shugart has been dating his high school sweetheart Ashley Halliday for 5 years. Both love Christmas and decided to drive nearly 2 hours to Dallas Saturday night to look at lights with Starlight Flight from the air.

“I love Christmas. My family always gets together every year, and being from a small town everybody knows each other,” Shugart said.

“I just think looking at lights gets you in the spirit of Christmas, and it’s something pretty to go look at,” Halliday said.

But when the couple flew over Frisco, there were some special lights Shugart wanted Halliday to see.

A few strings of lights in a grassy area off the tollway were set up to read, “Marry Me.”

Before the flight, Halliday had no idea Shugart was planning to pop the question. Yet, she was more than excited to hit the skies.

“I’m pumped,” she said.

And get this, Shugart had never flown before--that’s impressive considering a wedding proposal is already nerve-racking.

Our cameras tagged along for the flight. Halliday thought News 8 was doing a story on Christmas light tours, until Shugart told her to look at what was written below out her window.

Halliday was pleasantly surprised. “Will you marry me?” Shugart said.

With tears in her eyes, Halliday said yes and slipped a diamond ring on her finger. When both got on the ground, Halliday called Shugart a keeper.

“I love you,” she said as they both embraced.

The trip to the alter for these two now begins, and soon they’ll be each other’s co-pilots for the rest of their lives.