Pete Sessions and Colin Allred are trading attack ads on television right now in what many expect to be a close congressional race.

But what are these two men really like outside the polished image from campaign consultants?

Close races, like this one, often go negative. But these ads hardly reveal much about either candidate.

So, we asked Sessions to tell us something about him that voters and Dallasites might not know.

“Personal? I like to play Hearts. I’m a darned good Hearts player,” Sessions said.

We met him at White Rock Lake recently where once a month he picks up trash along the shoreline.

Our meeting was not to talk policy or positions but to learn more about him personally.

One of Sessions’ two sons, Alex, 24, has Down Syndrome.

“He’s 24. Works at Home Depot. Northwest Highway and Skillman,” Sessions said proudly.

And his favorite TV show to binge watch?

“It’s National Geographic. I like Africa. I like the big cats,” he said.

Colin Allred, the Democrat running that close race against Sessions, is expecting his first child right now.

“We thought it would probably be a girl mostly because we had a lot of girl names,” Allred said laughing. “Now we’re having a boy and coming up with boy names.”

“I’m excited,” he continued, “because I didn’t know my father. My son will definitely know me. I’ll be there for him and every step of the way. I guess I’m afraid of being too much of a helicopter parent.”

Allred met us recently at the Toasted Coffee + Kitchen on Lower Greenville Ave where he recalled how his NFL career was never supposed to happen.

“Yeah, I was supposed to go to law school. For me, the NFL was a surprise. I took my LSAT. I was all prepared and then I started getting calls from agents who wanted to represent me. I thought ‘they have the wrong guy,’” Allred explained, “It wasn’t something I thought was going to happen. It wasn’t a reality for me.”

What can you say nice about your opponent?

We asked both candidates a final question, as well.

Can you say something nice about your opponent?

“Oh, what I can say nice about my opponent is this is hard work,” Sessions said. “He’s very forthright. I’ve got to give it to him. He openly said I’m the most progressive candidate in the race and that was in the Democratic primary.”

“I’m about to be a father,” Allred said. “I respect Pete Sessions as a father. I know he has a son with disabilities. All of us – especially now that I’m becoming a father – I have a lot of respect for that.”