How did you spend your weeknights at 18? If it was at a city budget meeting, you and Blake Margolis have something in common.

"It’s just been a part of me," he said of his love of city workings. "I don’t know why!"

Margolis, born and raised in Rowlett, learned early on that city business affects everyone, starting at the first council meeting he attended at six years old.

"I was talking about a future city park that was right next to my neighborhood," he said. "I left that meeting knowing that I wanted to be on the other side of the table."

Margolis started serving the public at age 14, launching the Rowlett-Sachse Scanner page on Facebook, which gained, at its peak, some 37,000 followers. At 16, he was named a junior member of the Parks and Recreation Board.

"That was my first taste of the real nitty gritty behind the scenes, making decisions, and I’ve loved it," he said.

When the race opened up this year for Place 1 on Rowlett’s City Council, Margolis felt ready, already.

"When you’d be able to announce [a campaign] was right after my 18th birthday, and I thought 'Wow, this is meant to be,'" he said.

So the senior who’s finishing high school online launched his campaign, promising work on infrastructure and the tax rate. Back at the budget meeting, the Mayor of Rowlett says this teen’s not just talk.

"I think it brings a different perspective," said Mayor Todd Gottel. "You truly represent everyone in the city and that represents all different age groups.

That is what Margolis aims to do, should he win the election. The first time he casts a ballot, will include a vote for himself.

For more on the Rowlett City Council special election, coming up on Aug. 26, visit the city's website.