DALLAS – The next FBI Director should consider reopening the investigation into former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, said U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Rockwall.

“There has been some talk about an FBI Director going back to look at the Hillary Clinton matters, and I think that would be appropriate. The law is a blindfolded lady holding a set of scales who doesn’t know Republicans or Democrats. There’s no exception for sympathy for the loser of a presidential candidate,” said Ratcliffe on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics this morning. “We should follow those leads wherever they should go. With respect to Russia, wherever the facts or evidence are appropriate, I would hope the FBI Director would follow that.”

Ratcliffe said U.S. Sen. John Cornyn has not yet decided whether he would pursue becoming the next director of the FBI.

"Well, I can tell you, I talked to Senator Cornyn on Friday morning and he had been contacted directly by President Trump to talk about a number of FBI Director candidates including himself. When I talked to Senator Cornyn, he hadn't made up his mind on whether he would like to be considered,” said Ratcliffe.

“Would he be a great FBI Director? I don’t think there’s any question,” added U.S. Rep. Michael C. Burgess, MD, R-Denton.

Separately, the House bill to repeal Obamacare faces skepticism in the Senate where that chamber will next take action.

The House bill leave 24 million more Americans without health insurance after a decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. States decide whether insurance companies can charge more for pre-existing conditions and states decide whether maternity and emergency care are even covered. Premiums would increase up to 20% through 2019 but are projected to go decrease after that, the CBO reported.

Burgess was asked whether this was the best bill that House Republicans could put together after more than seven years of criticizing the nation’s health care law.

“The bill that was passed by the House 10 days ago is very similar to the bill that was passed in 2015. It should not be a great surprise to anyone what was contained in the bill. Yes, there were some surprises and changes along the way,” said Burgess to WFAA.