President Donald Trump visited the small Texas city of Keene to cut the ribbon at the new Louis Vuitton facility. 

Trump stopped at the factory Thursday in between a fundraising event in Fort Worth earlier in the day and then a campaign rally at 7 p.m. in Dallas. 

"This is a great vision you had for the state of Texas and for our country," Trump told Louis Vuitton executives during his visit. 

The French company received tax incentives from Johnson County to build its facility on more than 250 acres. 

Trump watched as employees demonstrated their manufacturing process. 

He joked he might take something home to his wife, Melania Trump, from the luxury retail company. 

Before the president's arrival, Keene residents lined the streets with American flags. 

The mood was best described as "anticipatory," said the city's Chamber of Commerce President Paul Gnadt. 

“Our phone at the Keene Chamber’s been ringing off the hook with people calling from as far away as Georgia, certainly south Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, wanting to know how they can see the president,” Gnadt told WFAA.

He said the Chamber put out all of their 337 American flags to line Keene’s main street because it felt like a special occasion. 

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People like Windel Clark from Fort Worth made the trip to Johnson County in hopes of getting a glimpse of the motorcade.

“Just so I can have a chance to see a president,” Clark said. “Just once in a lifetime, and this is a different president.”

Outside the Louis Vuitton-Rochambeau Ranch on County Road 316, dozens of people gathered with American flags and Trump signs hours ahead of the president’s expected arrival.

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