After the announcement that the Trump administration made to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the Mexican government sent out a press release offering their support to the young men and women affected.

Tuesday morning, the Trump administration announced the plans to rescind the DACA program that protects 800,000 people who arrived to this country as children from deportation and allows them to work in the United States.

The Mexican government released a statement saying that they feel sorry that this is happening. A translated excerpt reads:

"The decisions on immigration policies only belong to the United Stated and its institution. However, our country can’t ignore the fact that thousands of Mexican nationals are being affected by the decision made today. On this situation, the federal government has a moral responsibility to act. Act diplomatically and always considering human rights. Act to actively promote before the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. asking for a prompt solution to the uncertainty that the DACA recipients are facing after the announcement today."

El gobierno de México ofrece apoyo a los soñadores al anularse el programa DACA

The Mexican government is letting them know that they will be receives with open arms those who want to go back to their country of origin. The Mexican government offers the following programs through the consulate:

• Job placement office especially for Dreamers

• Credit program for Dreamers in the U.S. or Mexico

• Scholarships in Mexico and other countries

• Access to education without unnecessary process or immediate revalidation of courses

• Medical services available immediately

The Mexican Consulates in the United States are ready to provide free legal advice to the DACA recipients who seek it at 1-855-4636-395 or with the MiConsulmex app.