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Inside Texas Politics: How the growing international crisis with Iran could affect Texas

Congressman Lance Gooden, R-Terrell, joined host Jason Whitelyto discuss Iran and whether he would support going to war.


Congressman Lance Gooden, R-Terrell, joined host Jason Whitely on Sunday morning to discuss the growing international crisis with Iran and how that affects Texas which is more than 7,200 miles away. U.S. Rep. Gooden responded to questions about whether he supports war with Iran, what the U.S. Senate might do if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to delay sending over the Articles of Impeachment, and why President Trump endorsed Gooden for re-election long before any other congressman.

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Ross Ramsey, the co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, joined host Jason Whitely to discuss whether Texas is ready for the 2020 census and why 89 candidates are running for six Texas congressional seats.


African American women have discovered that it is not enough to just get on the ballot to run for political office. They also have to fundraise to really have their voices heard. The head of a new political action committee (PAC) is helping women do just that. Tracy Scott, president of The Black Women’s PAC, joined host Jason Whitely.

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This new year promises to be a spectacular one politically. More money is expected to be spent on the presidential race than ever before. On Flashpoint – a look ahead at what that means. From the right, Wade Emmert, former chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party. And from the left, two voices – LULAC’s national president Domingo Garcia and Rich Hancock from VirtualNewsCenter.com.


On the Roundtable, Ross Ramsey, Bud Kennedy, and Berna Dean Steptoe, WFAA's political producer, joined host Jason Whitely to give their political predictions for 2020.

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