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Inside Texas Politics: The bipartisan group of problem solvers behind the latest stimulus check you’ve never heard of

A bipartisan group of Congressional Republicans and Democrats are working together to find common ground. One of the members is from Plano.

There are two words not often heard in Washington, D.C.: problem solvers. 

Congress has a group of Republicans and Democrats— that's little known outside of Washington— that works together to find common ground. 

U.S. Rep. Van Taylor, R-Plano, is a member of that group. He is currently serving his second term as a member of Congress, and he explained what to expect as Congress works on another COVID-19 relief package.

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Bill proposes Texas driving permits for undocumented immigrants

Although Texas has previously talked about driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, State Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr. said it's time for Texas lawmakers to take a closer look at the issue. The legislature will consider that this session. 

Romero, a Democrat from Fort Worth, said the proposal could make the state safer for police and the public.

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From COVID-19 hotspot to vaccine mecca: What's happened in Potter County

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout isn't going anywhere near the way many had hoped it would— supply can't keep up with demand. 

However, a city in the Texas Panhandle has no waiting list and is even giving shots to people who drive in from out-of-state. 

What is Amarillo doing differently to make the roll-out work? Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner discusses what’s happening in the Panhandle in a recent episode of our political podcast Y'all-itics.

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