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Fort Worth mayor says city's budget is necessary for cleaner, safer city

The budget would fund everything from dozens of officers to 10 new street sweepers.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Count Fort Worth among the Texas cities looking to cut property taxes for its residents thanks to a significantly larger budget.

The city’s proposed $2.3 Billion budget is a 10% jump from last year, one of the largest increases in recent years.

City leaders are proposing a 2-cent property tax reduction to $71.25 per $100 assessed valuation.  So, the owner of a home valued at $200,000 would pay $1,425 in city property taxes.

But when asked if residents will actually be paying less, Mayor Mattie Parker was direct.

“The short answer is no,” the Republican said on Inside Texas Politics.  “And I recognize that may be a pain for many taxpayers.  The Parker family does not like writing their property tax check either.”

Some, in fact, might even see a slight increase in their property tax bill because the value of homes has risen so dramatically. 

Water rates, garbage collection fees and stormwater fees are not going up. 

But residents’ monthly environmental fee likely will increase from 50-cents to $1.50 every month.  The city says this is so more money can be put behind litter cleanup and other efforts to keep the city clean.

For example, Fort Worth currently only has two street sweepers for the entire city.  That would jump up to 12 under the new budget.

“We’re showing several graphics in the community right now what it looks like pre- and post- this budget to demonstrate what cleanliness really means from an environmental perspective and get litter off the streets.  Help clean up homeless camps.  All the things our residents have been telling us they want more of,” Mayor Parker told us.

The budget also focuses on public safety, including hiring 71 new positions for police, including dozens of new patrol officers on the streets.

If you’d like to learn more about Fort Worth’s proposed fiscal year 2023 budget, the city is holding a series of community meetings over the next few weeks.  For more information click here.

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