GRANBURY, Texas — He may be 18 and still in high school, but Chris Willis was deemed ready to serve Tuesday by the people of Granbury.

A senior at the local high school and assistant manager at Chick-fil-A, Willis was elected to the Granbury Independent School District's school board in Hood County with 41 percent of the vote.

He beat out Cyndi Wren, a paralegal, and Maureen Griffin, a brand developer with a real estate group.

Willis warned from the beginning of his campaign to not judge him by his age.

"Don’t dismiss people for being too young to make a difference," he wrote on his campaign page. "Anyone at any age can make a difference."

And when Hood County News broke the news of his victory on their Facebook page, one person questioned, "18? Bringing what to the table?"

"If you knew him you would know he has a lot to 'bring to the table,'" Samantha Mclain responded.

Before his big win, the one thing Willis promised to bring to the table that the others couldn't was a true insider's perspective.

"Myself being a senior at Granbury High School, I know what is actually going on inside the school system," he touted.