FORT WORTH – Gov. Chris Christie announced his endorsement of Donald Trump Friday morning ahead of the presidential candidate's rally in Fort Worth.

“Donald is a leader. He is a successful person that, like me, isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Our system is broken and it won’t be fixed from the inside. I am proud to offer my endorsement of his candidacy for President," Christie said during a press conference.

“It is my great honor to receive the endorsement of the Governor. We have had a wonderful relationship for many years. He is a solid person that I have tremendous respect for. I am really proud to receive the support of the Governor and his family," Trump said.

Donald Trump’s campaign staff said it expected at least 8,000 people to come see the Republican front-runner at the city’s convention center Friday afternoon.

Texas is the biggest prize on Super Tuesday with 155 Republican delegates up for grabs. Trump said he intends to do well in this state and that’s why he made this trip to Fort Worth.

Trump sidestepped a question about whether Gov. Christie might be a potential vice-presidential pick or play another role if he’s elected president.

“I don’t want to discuss that but he certainly has the talent,” said Trump.

Christie told reporters he intends to finish his term as governor of New Jersey and would not speculate on joining a potential Trump administration.

Trump said he would not release any tax returns until his IRS audit is complete and did not give a timeline on when that might happen.

Trump repeated attacks against Marco Rubio, who rallied in Dallas on Friday, but made no real mention of Ted Cruz.

Scott Elledge lined up outside last night almost 12 hours before doors opened for the Trump rally and said it was worth the wait without any sleep.

“Absolutely. To be perfectly honest with you it was worth it before getting in here. I met great people out there at 9:45 last night,” said Elledge, 38, of Springtown.

Trump’s rally is his first appearance since Thursday night’s ferocious debate in Houston.

The Republican front-runner was attacked relentlessly by Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Though both challengers hit him hard, Trump did not appear to come out damaged in the debate.

Matt and Tammy Hood spent $70 to purchase two Trump t-shirts and a hat after driving to the rally from Farmers Branch.

“He stirs stuff up. He’s got the kahoochies to say what others won’t say,” said Matt Hood.

Honey Adams, of Fort Worth, brushed her blond hair over and donned a business suit to dress up like her political idol for the event.

“I think he’ll create the jobs we need,” she explained. “I also think he’ll be a great negotiator in every situation.”

Trump’s campaign originally planned to hold the rally in the city’s aging arena. But with 2,000 seats under repair in that venue, the event was moved to a large exhibit hall at the convention center.

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