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Elizabeth Warren holds town hall event at UNH

Senator Elizabeth Warren addresses a crowd of more than 600 at the University of New Hampshire in Durham ahead of the primaries

DURHAM, N.H. — Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to more than 600 people at the University of New Hampshire in Durham on Wednesday, October 30. 

The Massachusetts Democratic Senator told the crowd about her "non-linear" life story, including how she didn't go college right after high school because her family couldn't afford it.

"We couldn't afford the college application fees, let alone college tuition," says Warren.

After sharing details of her life story, Warren outlined her three-step plan to create her vision of a prosperous America. 

"Part one, attack the corruption head on. Part two, get some structural change into our economy. Part three, protect our democracy."

Warren says there's a problem with how our government functions today. 

"When you have a government that works great for people with money and not great for people without it, well that is corruption pure and simple," says Warren. 

After she spoke, in typical town hall style, Warren took questions from the audience.

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Responding to how her administration would pay for 'medicare for all', Warren says she has a plan is in the works.

"How much is it going to cost and how am i going to pay for it? It's something I've been working on for a while now and I'm going to put out a plan on it and you can see it," says Warren.

Overall, Warren's vision was well received by some Mainers in the crowd.

South Berwick resident Barbara Garvey says, "I liked hearing about the health care thing. I would have liked to hear more numbers, but overall I feel really good about her."

Biddeford resident Skip says, "She has amazing vision and energy and intellect like I've rarely seen in a politician."

Skip says Senator Warren's vision for the future is in line with what he and his wife think is important.

"We're interested in change in the areas that Senator Warren spoke of. We feel government needs to be open and for the people. We think real needs like minimum wage, being able to make a living with a family of three, corruption, things like that are very very important in America."

After the rally, Senator Warren stayed to take selfies with every person who wanted one. 

According to campaign staffers, Warren has visited 27 states and Puerto Rico since announcing her campaign, and taken more than 75,000 selfies nationally. 

Elizabeth Warren has visited New Hampshire 20 times since January, but she has yet to visit Maine.


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