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How the four major counties in North Texas voted during the 2020 election

Three of the four major counties in North Texas voted for President Trump.

Editor's note: Elections officials are still counting ballots and results are not yet official. Track the latest results here.

After a record turnout for early voting and more than 11 million ballots cast, President Donald Trump won Texas' 38 electoral votes Tuesday. 

For hours, the race was too close to call but just after midnight, the Associated Press announced Trump won Texas for the second time. 

Trump was able to secure the vote in most of the large counties in North Texas, including Collin, Denton and Tarrant Counties. 

However, Dallas County did stay blue. A majority of voters there cast their ballot for former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Below is a closer look at unofficial voter turnout and how the four major counties voted as of 9 a.m. Wednesday:

Tarrant County

More than 768,204 ballots were cast in Tarrant County, with more than 101,000 of those people voting on Election Day. 

Tarrant County reported 1,196,407 registered voters.

The county reported a 64.21% voter turnout for this year's presidential election compared to 61.97% in 2016.

Trump won the vote in Tarrant County by less than 1%, or less than 2,000 votes, according to the latest vote count on Wednesday night.

Dallas County

Dallas County is reporting a 66% turnout, with more than 924,000 ballots cast. 

Biden won the majority of the vote with 65% in his favor, with Trump winning 33%. 

The county reported 1,400,730 registered voters. Earlier this month, the county surpassed its early voting record set in 2016.

Collin County

Collin County saw the highest voter turnout of the four counties with 75%. Overall, it remained red, however, Democrats did see more votes in the area.

The county election site reports 51% of the vote went to Trump and 46% went to Biden. 

This prompted Republican strategists in the county to say they need to get their message out more as the area grows and demographics change.

There were 650,134 registered voters, with more than 488,000 ballots cast during the 2020 election. 

Denton County

Denton County also reported a high voter turnout of 74%. 

According to the county's website, of the 565,105 registered voters, there have been more than 419,000 ballots cast. 

Trump won 53% of the vote, while 45% went to Biden. 

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