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Who are the Republicans running for Texas Ag commissioner?

Watch their interviews below, or click the links to read more from our conversations with them.

There are 44 days until the Texas primary in March. This week’s Inside Texas Politics is focusing on one of the big statewide races that we will watch: the Republicans running for commissioner of agriculture.

Three are on the ballot: State Rep. James White, incumbent Sid Miller, and a rancher named Carey Counsil. All the candidates joined Inside Texas Politics, alphabetically, to share their platforms.

Watch their interviews below, or click the links to read more from our conversations with them.

Casey Counsil

Rancher Carey Counsil’s only prior political experience is serving on a local school board. But he said he thinks that experience is invaluable.

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Ag Commissioner Sid Miller

Incumbent Sid Miller was first elected in 2014 as the 12th Agriculture Commissioner in Texas, Sid Miller is now asking voters for a third term. Miller says he still has some projects he wants to finish over the next four years

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Rep. James White

James White from southeast Texas. He served a decade in the state legislature. He was that body's only Black Republican, and Representative White is hitting hard at the incumbent Sid Miller.

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When will Texas leaders address climate change?

Inside Texas Politics wanted to take a moment to discuss something affecting all Texans, especially those who are in agriculture. 

Last month, December 2021, was the warmest since 1889. The state climatologist at Texas A&M revealed that. And those warm temperatures have also worsened drought conditions in Texas. 

Climate change is something many Republicans brush off - as cyclical. But at what point do Texas leaders take notice and address it?

Will Texas loosen marijuana laws?

Both leading candidates for Texas governor are open to reducing the penalties for marijuana possession and - in O'Rourke's case - to legalize it in Texas.

Meanwhile, Austin and other cities are looking at local laws that would formalize police indifference to possession cases. Is Texas on track to loosening marijuana laws?

Why are school superintendents quitting?

School superintendents are quitting everywhere. North Texas is hit particularly hard, with eight superintendents stepping down in a matter of months.

Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson, and Lewisville are looking for new superintendents.

What's driving their departures, and does this really affect children's education?

Amid CRT fight, do Texans still believe in Dr. King's dream?

Texas remembers Dr. Martin Luther King this weekend. But the politics of race has turned bitter, particularly with Republicans on critical race theory. Do Texans still believe in Dr. King's dream?

Watch the full episode of Inside Texas Politics below:

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