Council member Scott Griggs and state Rep. Eric Johnson are headed for a runoff June 8 after no winner emerged in the May 4 municipal election. 

In their only live televised debate, which was broadcast on WFAA, both men faced questions about lowering the property tax burden on homeowners, the rising crime rate and building consensus. 

Nine candidates originally ran to replace Mayor Mike Rawlings, who was term-limited out of office. No candidate received 50-percent of the vote plus one.

Johnson led the final vote tally with about 20 percent of the vote, followed by Griggs with about 18 percent of the vote. 

Early voting in the runoff begins Tuesday, May 28. 

WFAA invites you to meet both candidates, hear how, if elected, they'll address the shortage of police officers, rising property taxes, the homeless population and other civic priorities.

Both candidates recorded a 60-second video at the WFAA studios introducing themselves.

Eric Johnson did not complete a questionnaire from WFAA about the three biggest issues facing Dallas.

Scott Griggs outlines the three biggest issues facing Dallas and answers others questions about himself and the city

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