DALLAS – The Democratic Primary race for Dallas County District Attorney has been a controversial one between two former judges.

This week, the Dallas County Elections Office wrapped up a recount, declaring John Creuzot the winning candidate who will likely run against current DA Faith Johnson.

However, Creuzot’s opponent, Judge Elizabeth Davis Frizell, is saying not so fast. She is thinking of asking for another recount.

“Where do we go from here?” Frizell asked her followers during a Facebook Live post this week. “That's what inquiring minds want to know."

Frizell took her concerns to social media after an initial recount showed a difference of 589 votes separating her from her opponent. On election night, there were 506 votes between the two. Both times, the numbers declared John Creuzot the victor in the Democratic Primary for Dallas County DA.

Frizell asked her social media followers, "What should I do now? Should I request a recount?"

On Wednesday, Frizell issued a press release saying the votes are too close and she wants to be thorough.

"There was a razor-thin margin in this particular race, between myself and my opponent. I just want to make sure that there were no errors or anything that would change the outcome," she said.

The candidate, who stepped down from the bench one year ago to run for DA, is also raising concerns over an ongoing Dallas County investigation into possible voter fraud. The current DA’s office filed a lawsuit, back in February, asking the court’s permission to sequester some applications for mail ballots. About 1200 applications are being examined.

"I would just like to see how many are fraudulent ballots, and whether or not that may have affected my race," Frizell said.

Moving forward, Frizell says she is seriously considering all options.

“To recount, or not to recount?” Frizell told her social media followers, “That is the question."

Judge John Creuzot has not yet responded to WFAA-TV’s request for comment about his victory and the possibility of another recount.