DALLAS – Senators will soon get a chance to vote on a Bill that would make texting and driving illegal in the State of Texas.

The move came after emotional testimony over emotional testimony in the Senate’s Committee on State Affairs over Senate Bill 31.

With the start of Spring Break, thousands of students are out of school. There is a strong possibility more teens and families will be driving the roads and on cell phones.

It is something Marc Herrera is mindful of right now.

“Everybody’s caught up in social media,” Herrera said. “It’s very distracting. My kids get distracted, just by being passengers.”

Texting and driving is the type of distractions Frank Rosello has been working to bring attention to through his Plano-based company Reflection Band.

“Our number one goal is to save lives,” Rosello said.

He and his business partner, Paul Marcus, designed the devices that fit around rearview mirrors.
“You just put it on one end and it fits any rearview mirror, passenger automobile, car or truck,” Rosello explained.
The Reflection Bands have a variery of custom messages like “Arrive Alive. Don’t Text and Drive.” Or “Buckle up. Phone Down.”

Rosello said, “What it can do is, it can be the voice of the parent, it can be the voice of a loved one, to remind everyone to stay focused on the road.”

Reflection Bands have already been ordered by state Transportation Departments, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and parent across the country.

Rosello says all hope the devices will help encourage safe driving.