ALLEN, TX—Angela Paxton, wife of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, won her Republican primary race for State Senate Seat District 8 Tuesday night—a race pundits are calling the most expensive in Texas history.

Paxton’s opponent, Phillip Huffines, lost by almost 10 percentage points. Huffines conceded after 11 p.m.

Huffines, the twin brother of Texas Sen. Don Huffines, is a well-known businessman in North Texas. Many know him through his car dealerships and real estate dealings.

Collectively, Huffines and Paxton spent close to $10 million.

Latest reports show Huffines spent over $6 million, while the Paxton camp spent nearly $3 million.

Both candidates ran a slew of attack ads that aired throughout the primary.

Paxton scored with voters big on faith and values, while Huffines was popular among business-minded conservatives.

District 8 covers about 85% of Collin County, and a sliver of Dallas County. In the end, Collin County voters secured the win for Paxton, who has lived there for over two decades.

“I love Collin County and I’ve loved every second of this,” Paxton said. “Republicans will win big in November.”