Carlton Marshall is a quadriplegic and needs help doing everything in his life.

He was paralyzed while he was a lieutenant with the Dallas Police Department.

Marshall was shot in the neck while he was serving a drug warrant.

10 years later Marshall is trying his best to live a quality life.

This summer we showed you the moment where after nearly a decade he played golf for the first time in a special chair he bought himself.

Marshall also likes to weld as a hobby.

"I am just trying to live and be more than housebound and watching. t.v."

After our story aired Marshall says he got a letter from Tri-Star Risk Management.

They are the insurance company that handles his workers comp.

He says they want to take away his nurses assistants.

"It appears they feel that I am too active to need a certified nursing assistant."

Marshall can't walk, can barely hear and has only limited use of one hand.

His nurses assistants help him do everything from go to the bathroom to getting in and out of his wheelchair.

"And they think that if I can play golf and if I can weld and I can do this and that that I am too able bodied to need the level of care that I need at this time."

Marshall says taking away the service would be difficult for him.

"It means a higher risk of injury to me."

Tri-Star Risk Management's attorney called News 8 and said by law he could not comment on this case.

Marshall said, “What it boils down to is money and business."

He says his abilities continue to decline and instead of needing less help he will need more and he says public servants injured in the line of duty deserve at least that much.