She is sworn to uphold the law and protect a town of more than 6,000 people in Keene.

But Officer Julitza Abrantes says the people she wants to protect most these days are living in Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Until Sunday, she hadn't heard one word from her mother or grandmother after Hurricane Maria decimated the island of 3.4 million people 11 days ago.

"I finally got a voicemail," said Abrantes. "I'm alive it what it means when they say they're okay. I'm alive."

She says she also got a photo of her mom texted to her, which provided a little more reassurance.

But she says their hometown of San Sebastian was hit hard.

"There are no fans, no air conditioning, no nothing, and it's rainy. These last three days it's been raining a lot," said Abrantes.

She and other family from the states were in the area just a few weeks ago.

"All of the trees and everything there are gone," she said.

Over the weekend, FEMA stepped up its efforts to get emergency supplies to the U.S. territory, especially more remote areas that are without cell service or communication.