The progress is starting to show along the 27-mile route for the new TEXRail line, which will take passengers from downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport.

Starting last Wednesday, Trinity Metro started its train tests at Terminal B at the airport. "We'll do every scenario imaginable that we can simulate that the train would come in to regular service to test it," said Bob Baulsir, Vice President of Trinity Metro and the head of this project.

He said the project is several days ahead of schedule. The tests specifically at the airport are crucial, and they need to satisfy rules set out by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). "The FAA wants to know that we're not going to interfere with any of the airports equipment," said Baulsir. He's talking about technology like radar, communications, and other potential frequency issues.

FAA's final report still needs to be complete. Projections are that 9,000 people will use the train every day, but Bob said he expects it to be even higher. "Without a discount, from downtown Fort Worth to the airport it is $2.50. I would think anybody that's gotta go the airport is going to ride the train," he said.

Trinity Metro says the train tests will continue until the first day of operation.