The Predator

"The Predator" will satisfy your longing for an 80s action movie, assuming you've had that longing! It's complete with old school special effects and inappropriate humor as aliens are drawn back to Earth with upgraded DNA. And a group of misfit ex-soldiers bands together to try to get the upper hand. Shane Black was the first killed off as an actor in the original film. He now directs. The ex-soldiers include a charismatic Trevante Rhodes (pride of Little Elm.) and a joking Keegan-Michael Key. Jacob Tremblay ("Room") is responsible for beckoning the aliens. Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown also star. Great cast, right? Pretty fun stuff, but don't expect remarkable. 20th Century Fox - Rated R

A Simple Favor

Fashionista Blake Lively asks her new best friend Mommy vlogger Anna Kendrick for "A Simple Favor," watch her son for the day. Then she vanishes into thin air. From Paul Feig, the director of "Bridesmaids," the trailer makes it look like a thriller, but it's actually part mystery, part black comedy and surprisingly entertaining! Just the right touch for the end of the Summer. (I want Lively's menswear wardrobe!) And if you didn't get your fill of handsome Henry Golding in "Crazy Rich Asians," he's here, too, playing Lively's husband. Lionsgate - Rated R

White Boy Rick

"White Boy Rick" is the true story of a teen who dealt guns, drugs and became an FBI informant all before the age of 16. After an exhaustive search, the title role went to a newcomer who had no idea who Matthew McConaughey was, and he's a natural. The Oscar winner plays his dad, and is very good, too. This is a gritty, compelling movie that begs the question, how could this all happen to a kid? And it's a cautionary tale for parents who try to be friends with their kids, instead of parents. The final scene is heartbreaking. Columbia Pictures - Rated R

Unbroken: Path To Redemption

"Unbroken: Path To Redemption" continues the true life story of World War Two hero Louie Zamperini. Now home, he's haunted by memories of prison camps. Despite marrying a lovely woman, he loses himself in alcohol. He eventually finds his faith after his wife drags him to a Billy Graham revival (Graham's grandson plays the iconic preacher). This is a definitely a safe telling of the story. I would have rather seen less of the alcoholism, more of the redemption. That's a more interesting story. Still, there's no question this is a faith-based movie. Pure Flix Entertainment - Rated PG-13