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Cruz, Cornyn offer differing views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Sen. Ted Cruz said Pres. Biden’s “weakness” facilitated Vladimir Putin’s invasion. Sen. John Cornyn said the U.S. played no part in creating the crisis.

DALLAS — U.S. senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz pledged support for Ukraine after Russia launched its invasion, but the Texas republicans offered differing views about America’s role in provoking Vladimir Putin.

“The United States has played no part in creating this crisis,” read a statement from Cornyn, “but we have a responsibility to support the Ukrainian people as they fight to defend their own sovereignty.”

In tweets and on his podcast, Cruz blamed President Biden.

“Biden's weakness, both in general and his surrender on Nord Stream 2, undeniably facilitated Putin's invasion of Ukraine,” Cruz tweeted.

In another tweet Cruz said, “America’s adversaries took note of Biden's weakness and incompetence around the withdrawal from Afghanistan. That disaster alone increased the threats of our rivals attacking our allies ten-fold.”

Despite the differences in opinion as to the cause for Russia’s invasion, the senators agree America must help the Ukrainian military and its people defend themselves.

Read Cornyn's statement: “This is not just about Ukraine. This is not just about Europe. This is about America’s credibility and that of our friends and allies around the world and our willingness to stand up for our values and defend our freedoms. If the U.S. fails to support Ukraine, other authoritarian movements like those in China and Iran will take note.”

Cruz said Ukraine has America’s steadfast support.

“We will continue to arm them so they can defend their country,” he tweeted.

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