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Kamala Harris' family introduces her as vice presidential nominee

Kamala Harris was introduced by three of the most influential people in her life: Her sister, niece and step-daughter who calls her 'Momala'

Some of the most influential women in Kamala Harris’ life introduced her as the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

They are Harris’ younger sister, Maya Harris; her niece, Meena Harris; and her step-daughter, Ella Emhoff. Maya Harris has long been one of Harris’ closest political advisers.

Emhoff is the daughter of Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, and affectionately calls Harris “Momala.” It's a play on her name and the Yiddish word for “little mother.” 

At Wednesday's Democratic National Convention, Meena Harris called her aunt a role model who taught her she could do anything she wanted, and a role model to so many women and girls of color around the world. Maya Harris says she’ll have Harris’ back the way Harris had hers as children growing up.

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