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Doorbell camera catches 5-foot snake biting man's face

Jerel Heywood never saw it coming.

An Oklahoma man was bitten in the face by a snake and it was caught on a doorbell camera. The video has been shared more than 1,200 times in less than 24 hours.

CNN reports Jerel Heywood was visiting a friend's house Sunday when the snake, wrapped around a porch light, attacked. Heywood is seen immediately grabbing his face, then he goes in the front door and says he needs to go to the hospital.

It turned out the 5-feet 5-inch snake was not venomous and Heywood said he is OK. USA TODAY reported it was a bullsnake.

A neighbor came over with a hammer and killed the snake, which is seen in a separate video.

Since being posted to Facebook early Tuesday morning, the videos have been watched more than 140,000 times.

You can watch them below. (Warning: Graphic language)

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