WASHINGTON – It’s happening: we’re living in a world where Bowser is official in control of Nintendo.

Nintendo of America announced Thursday its longtime President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime will retire in April.

His replacement, and this is not a joke, is named Doug Bowser.

If you’re confused, Bowser is also the name of a fictional character and antagonist of Nintendo’s Mario franchise.

Naturally, the internet had ~thoughts~ about Bowser’s new position.

As you might expect, it seems the human Bowser has a pretty good sense of humor about his last name.

His first message from the Nintendo of America account when he became the vice president of sales in 2015 sent a subtle threat to his enemies…

Behind Bowser, holding a sign that says “thank you for the warm welcome,” you can see Mario and Luigi tied up with a few game controllers.