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5 unforgettable moments from Tuesday's Democratic debate

From 'I wrote the damn bill' to 'dark, psychic force,' here are five moments you'll be talking about at the water cooler Wednesday.

Other than trying to decide who won, the thing people often want to talk about after a presidential debate are the unforgettable moments. Plenty of those were on display during the first night of the second Democratic debate Tuesday night. Here are five of them.

Why run if you won't fight?

Former congressman John Delaney has made it clear he feels Democrats must not veer too far to the left out of fear it will help re-elect President Donald Trump. His criticism of the more progressive "Medicare For All" health plan received loud boos from California Democrats last month.

He returned to that theme Tuesday night. His opening statement immediately went after farther left candidates such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on health care and economic policy. He continued on that path throughout the night in answering questions, calling for "real solutions, not impossible promises."

That prompted this response from Warren.

"I don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for," Warren said. Her response was met with thunderous applause from the audience and even a smile from Delaney.

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'I wrote the damn bill!'

Staying on the "Medicare For All" theme, Sanders came under attack for his support of the proposed government-run system. Those who are more moderate have voiced concern that it goes too far and may be a fantasy that can't be achieved.

One of those who criticized Sanders over the plan Tuesday was Ohio congressman Tim Ryan. Ryan said it would hurt union workers who like the plans they have now, and he offered a different proposal including allowing people and businesses to buy in.

Sanders countered, saying "Medicare For All" would be better because it would be more comprehensive, helping pay for hearing aids, dental care and eyeglasses.

"You don't know that, Bernie," Ryan interjected.

"I do know it. I wrote the damn bill!" Sanders responded, receiving loud applause.

Ryan did not back down, indicating that Sanders was unfamiliar with all the union contracts across the country.

'Dark psychic force'

If the amount of social media chatter is any indication, D.C. outsider Marianne Williamson had a better night than she did in her first debate, landing several applause lines and becoming the most-Googled candidate of the night. Still, she continued using some atypical phrases reminiscent of the first debate, including in her answer about how to avoid a repeat of the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.

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Williamson said what happened in Flint would never have happened in the more affluent and predominantly white Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe. She said it was indicative of a deeper problem in America which leaves the poor and people of color at a disadvantage.

"And if you think that any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark, psychic force of the collectivized hatred this president is bringing up in this country, then I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days," Williamson said.

She added that not addressing the situation openly and honestly could mean four more years of Trump.

"We need to say it like it is. It's bigger than Flint. It's all over this country. It's particularly people of color. It's particularly people who do not have the money to fight back. And if the Democrats don't start saying it, then why would those people think that they're there for us, and if those people don't feel it, they won't vote for us and Donald Trump will win," Williamson said.

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We're going to be called Socialists anyway

There was a clear divide between centrist Democrats and the more progressive wing on the stage Tuesday night. Those in the center have feared a far-left nominee with far-left policies will be labeled a socialist and allow Trump to use that as a campaign weapon.

South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg said it wouldn't matter -- Republicans are going to say it no matter who is the nominee is.

"It's true that if we embrace a far-left agenda, they're going to say that we're a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda, you know what they're going to do? They're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists," Buttigieg said, receiving applause. "So let's just stand up for the right policy, go out there and defend it."

The meme-worthy moments

At least a couple of images from the debate will surely be showing up on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed as a meme.

One involved Sanders and former John Hickenlooper. The former Colorado governor was trying to talk down Sanders on "Medicare For All," saying it would be disruptive and calling it "radical."

That prompted Sanders to throw his hands up in the air.

Hickenlooper countered, also throwing his hands up and saying, "Throw your hands up!"

"OK," Sanders responded, throwing his hands up even higher.

Hickenlooper raised his hands one more time as he continued to call out the plan.

Another moment came between Warren and Montana Governor Steve Bullock over the idea of a nuclear first strike by the U.S. against a potential threat. Warren has reportedly been a proponent of making it U.S policy to never use nuclear weapons preemptively.

When Bullock said he would not rule it out because of unpredictable enemies like North Korea, Warren did an immediate double-take.

Credit: TEGNA
This photo shows a screen shot from the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate on July 30, 2019. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is reacting to an answer from Montana Gov. Steve Bullock about the use of nuclear weapons.

It's a sure bet the look on Warren's face will be coming to a meme near you.

And that was just the first night, folks. More will come Wednesday night.

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