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Happy 'Mean Girls' Appreciation Day! Here are 10 grool quotes to celebrate October 3

10 'Mean Girls' quotes to celebrate October 3

Happy "Mean Girls" Appreciation Day, Plastics!

A few days into October we relish Pumpkin Spice Lattes, getting to pull cozy clothes to the front of the closet, and the day things started getting serious between Cady Heron and Aaron Samuels – sigh, he was so bae.

Speaking of Jonathan Bennett, he gave us an all-new way of celebrating this year with the release of his parody cookbook "The Burn Cookbook: An Unofficial Unauthorized Cookbook for Mean Girls Fans," which dropped Tuesday. It's safe to assume it's low-carb, right?  

The book got love from Bennett's co-star and onscreen budding weather forecaster, Amanda Seyfried. Sharing a photo of his book to Instagram, the actress reminded everyone Wednesday: "It’s October 3rd."  

The film’s star Lindsay Lohanlet fans know the movie was still on her mind 14 years after its release by re-enacting the scene on IG.

"It's October 3rd," she said looking into the camera and letting out a giggle. Lohan captioned the video "#OnWednesdaysWeWearPink".

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#OnWednesdaysWeWearPink 💕

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Since we know it's rare that days or weeks have gone by when you haven’t uttered words from Tina Fey’s screenplay – and because we have a strong feeling you’re wearing pink (it's Wednesday after all!), and that you’ll spend these 24 hours trying to make fetch happen – we celebrate the day with these timeless quotes. 

When your friends call you to go out but you rather stay in and re-watch "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

When your friend is growing out her bangs and you want to be supportive

When you break down after 10 minutes of dieting

When bae gets it wrong about you being a nag

When your friend, who doesn't know what a spoiler alert is, watches "This Is Us" before you do

When calculating the number of mimosas you can have at a bottomless brunch

What you tell yourself when anyone makes the smallest comment about any of your life decisions

Anytime someone compliments your fur baby 

When someone likes more than one of your Instagram pics at a time

When adulting is just not in the cards for the day

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