DALLAS-- Several officers struck in Thursday night’s ambush shooting were stationed at Dallas PD’s southwest patrol division. Community members dropped off food, water and flowers for the officers standing guard outside of the building on Friday.

“They matter to me. Everybody matters. But them especially because they keep us safe,” said Pam Spell, manager at Norma’s Café, who stopped by the station to feed some of the officers working the day after their colleagues were gunned down.

Cylena Smith joined Spell in thanking the officers. She said her husband has been a Dallas PD officer for 26 years and was working on Thursday night.

“I waited for the call or text that says I’ll call later. So that I know, it’s our code that he’s down there, he’s fine. And there’s nothing I can do except for wait,” said Smith. “Heavy. Heavy. Because if it’s not your husband, it’s somebody else’s. I got to hear my husband’s voice. There’s five others that did not hear, ‘I’m OK. I am coming home.’”

The memorial grew as the day wore on. Some stopped to hug the officers, some joining them in prayer.