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Meet the guy who saved Luka Doncic and didn't spill his drink doing it

"As I see Luka headed towards me, I, yes, have to save the beverage and the Mavericks franchise," McElroy said.
Credit: Fox Sports Southwest (screengrab)

Sports teams don't ask fans to do a lot. 

Stay in your seat, don't rush the field, no profanity, and don't throw things.

Just, enjoy the game. 

But when you enjoy the game, save a beloved member of the Dallas Mavericks and do it all without spilling a drop of your drink? Well, you become an internet legend like Ben McElroy.

McElroy and his girlfriend Stephanie Lafitte were at the American Airlines Center Saturday watching the Mavericks play the Memphis Grizzlies. 

Both had courtside seats and were on the second row. This is where Lafitte wins the girlfriend of the year award because she gets the tickets through her job.

"We usually go on weekends sometimes," Lafitte said. "We thought we were going for an ordinary game, nothing we haven't already done before," McElroy said. 

"We had no idea what was going to be in store for us the following 48 hours." 

In the final minutes of the second quarter, rookie and rising star Luka Doncic tried to get a rebound that sent him into the floor seats. 

In the broadcast of the game, you see Doncic catch his balance on the first row of seats--but he starts to fall forward. 

That's when you see McElroy catch Doncic with his right hand, and triumphantly keep his double vodka water with lemon out of the chaos in his left. 

"As I see Luka headed towards me, I, yes, have to save the beverage and the Mavericks franchise," McElroy said.

"I think I did both successfully." He added that any mixed drink at a stadium, "isn't cheap." 

After the incident, the game carried on and McElroy's legendary save took new life on Twitter. 

"Two minutes later, my phone is blowing up," Lafitte said. "People sending me texts and tweets, plus videos from the jumbotron." 

McElroy was dubbed the "pink shirt guy" who saved Luka on twitter and was met with praise along with a few jabs. 

"This one guy said that, 'Ben McElroy is the exact name of someone who would be wearing a peach half-zip sweater courtside at a Mavs game.' I laughed at that one," McElroy said. 

But the highest praise came from the Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. 

He caught the whole thing and told WFAA in a statement, "It was hysterical. One of the most classic things I have seen at a game. And of course, Luka is so quick, he recognized what was happening and made the moment fun."

So, hats are off to you Mr. McElroy. You landed on the right side of the internet, and we enjoyed it.

But what about that pink sweater?

"It may have to be a regular at all Mavs games that I go to in the future," McElroy said.