All it takes is one moment to realize some things are not so easily replaced. For Mark Toney and Maria Luce it is their security and safety.

Just after 5 p.m. on Thursday they were getting ready for house guests when an unwanted guest in a mask creeped in through the back door.

"You look at her coming down this hallway she just stops and has this quizzical look as like 'Who are you? You don't belong here,'" said Mark.

The encounter was brief. Nothing was taken and no one was hurt. Luce says the intruder was five feet away from her. She told WFAA within 5 seconds she had a hunch as to why the intruder was there. It was supposed to be a lesson on investment. Their sons, with the help of the parents, had acquired, highly coveted and specially released, shoes called Yeezys.

"We're entrepreneurs, we're business owners...we're teaching our kids," said Luce.

Mark told WFAA their son had posted about the shoes to some social media platforms.

"By the time he walks into school on Monday most of the school knows he's got 5 pairs of shoes," he said.

This family says that day itself they felt they became a target. Luce took to Facebook to put out a video meant for the person who tried to steal from their home. Luce is seen holding her 12 gage shotgun in one hand as she's talking.

"To the kid who broke into my home tonight...I am locked and loaded."

Luce admits she has taken some flak for her seemingly "Take No Prisoners" approach.

"You come face to mask with an intruder in your home, with your children upstairs, and you tell me what you would do? I don't regret one bit what I did and I will protect my family and children to the nth degree," Maria said.

McKinney Police came by and took a police report. The McKinney Police Department said it cannot confirm whether the shoes had anything to do with the crime that occurred at the home. The department tells us it is exploring that shoe theory and is open to any and all other possible motives.

The Yeezys are now out of their home. The only prized pair they say they need sit on the mantle. It's her father's combat boots from tours in Korea and Vietnam.

There are other investments that take priority now, like their safety.