MCKINNEY, Texas -- The Medinas had come home from vacation to find their home burned inside. On Thursday the family and friends spent time salvaging what they could inside the home and throwing away what the fire destroyed.

"I'm not a crybaby, but it hurts. It hurts hard," said Erasmo Medina.

Erasmo and Alejandra Medina of McKinney have four children. They've lived in their McKinney home since 2001. Erasmo told WFAA about the hard work it took to buy the home and that they had started from nothing. Now they're left with a shell of a home filled with ash.

The family went down to Galveston with their church for a quick vacation. It was supposed to be the last vacation before the children start school the next week. Erasmo's wife Alejandra walked inside the home first to find it burned out. "I noticed her eyes watering. She told me to turn off the truck and come in," Erasmo recalled.

Everything they built and bought over 18 years was in ash. Alejandra spent Thursday afternoon searching for and saving pictures of the family. "To remind me of where we started from nothing and blessed to have what we have," Alejandra said.

The family tells WFAA that the fire oddly enough put itself out. The fire department never showed because it was never called.

"The main reason why the house is intact is because there wasn't any oxygen going inside from anywhere that would continue the flame going on. That's what they said," Erasmo recalls in a conversation with fire investigators.

Investigators combed through here on Wednesday. A spokesperson for the fire department says the cause is "undetermined." The spokesperson also says there is no indication of foul play.

Erasmo believes the fire started at the fridge and worked its way to their oldest son Mark's room. Very little appears salvageable inside the home. So much has already been thrown out. "Start over from scratch," said Erasmo.

The following GoFundMe has been set up to help the family.