MAYPEARL, Texas — Maypearl voters elected a dead man to be the city's next mayor. Now city officials are trying to figure out what to do.  

Philip Veltman died March 15 -- after the deadline to remove candidates from the May 4 ballot. 

Veltman won the mayoral election with about 62 percent of the votes, beating council member John Wayne Pruitt. 

Only 110 of the town's 1,100 residents voted in Saturday's race, according to the Ellis County election's office. 

City officials are working to figure out what to do. Maypearl clerk Angie Smith described the election results as new territory. 

Smith said city staff is working with Ellis County and the state elections offices to determine how the Maypearl City Council will appoint a new mayor.

The next City Council meeting is May 13. 

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