DALLAS — An urban farm on Bexar Street, in the edge of South Dallas, is making big moves with another new project. Bonton Farms is preparing to open a new market and café.

“They cannot wait to come,” said Angela Washington as she described the excitement building around the buzz in the community.

Bonton Farms has been in operation for nearly five years. The staff said the Market at Bonton Farms will be a place for the community to gather, break bread, and pick up good foods.

“I never thought it was right to think that people had to walk up to a farm to buy their food," executive director Daron Babcock said.

The team at Bonton Farms calls the new market significant for an area that has been known to have greater access to liquor stores than quality markets and grocery options.

"We have more than double the rate of cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and child obesity, and men in Bonton live 11 years less than men in Dallas County. We’re dying. So if you think that’s a big deal, it’s immensely important," Babcock explained.

About 33 members from the community currently work at Bonton Farms. Angela Washington said she is excited about the new market and café opening in the neighborhood she calls home.

"This restaurant is a whole different thing for Bonton. And, so far, everybody is loving it, can’t wait for the doors to open," Washington explained.

When the Market at Bonton Farms opens Monday, Nov. 19, it will have full-service breakfast and lunch. There will be fresh produce, meats, and options to make any meal at home. During some evening hours, there will be health and wellness programs for the community to attend. The team calls the Market at Bonton Farms a game changer for the area.

“Look at this smile,” Washington said as she stood in the kitchen of the new market and café. “That lets you know I’m happy, right? That lets you know I feel good.”

Washington and the staff said they welcome the community’s support in being part of this positive change.

The Market at Bonton Farms is located at 6915 Bexar Street in Dallas.