The man who police said intentionally rammed a pickup truck into the FOX 4 news building in downtown Dallas last week has been released from jail, officials said.

Michael Chadwick Fry, 34, who had faced a second-degree felony charge of criminal mischief, was released from the Dallas County Jail on Thursday because the case had not been filed by police, said detective Raul Reyna, spokesman for the sheriff's department.

"We can only hold so long if a case is not filed," Reyna said. "The police department can file the case at a later date."

Fry rammed a pickup truck multiple times into the FOX 4 news building off North Griffin Street about 6 a.m. on Sept. 5, police said, but police said he wasn't targeting the media.

Fry later told reporters that he was upset with police over a prior shooting incident and "just wanted...the media to do their job."

As police walked him into the Dallas County jail, Fry pleaded with reporters, "Please don't let them punish me for trying to stay alive. They committed a high treason against me."

Hundreds of papers were found near Fry's pickup truck after the incident, including printouts of a WFAA article about Fry from 2012.

The article was a story about an officer-involved shooting in Denton County. A driver, Roberto Carlos Hernandez, was accused of ramming a sheriff deputy's cruiser and was fatally shot by the deputy. Fry was a passenger in the vehicle.

The printout of the article was covered in rambling handwriting, referencing "high treason" and "witchery," conspiracies and accusing police officials of being "payed off."

"They tryed to kill me," the handwriting said. "And they missed. And hit him."