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'Looking for the American dream' | San Antonio community remembers 53 human smuggling victims

A memorial continues to grow in the city almost a week after dozens of victims died in a hot tractor trailer.

SAN ANTONIO — On Sunday, some put their holiday celebrations on hold to mourn over the people who lost their lives in a sweltering semi-truck on Quintana Road nearly a week ago.

The death toll remains at 53 people according to the Bexar County Medical Examiner. While several others continue to recover in local hospitals.

"I'm sorry but it's horrible, it's horrible what happened to them, " said Ricardo Balderrama.

Balderrama visited the growing memorial on the south west side to pay his respects to the men, women and children who died from heat-related illnesses.

The Department of Justice confirmed last week that four men were behind bars in connection to the event. At least two of the men have been charged with smuggling resulting in death.

"We need someone to take action on this that way it won't happen again," said Andrea Aguirre.

Aguirre expressed frustration over immigration policy while others reflected on what could've been for the victims on board.

Balderrama believes the victims were eager for a better life.

"Some of these people were just looking for the American dream," he said.

A sentiment sisters Fanny and Amber Molina agreed with. The two women said they've family members who have migrated for better opportunities.

"We have family members that are illegal, and thank you Jesus that none of this never happened [to them]," said Fanny Molina.

Still their hearts are with the victims whose names cover the numerous crosses along the back road.

"Supporting this is a huge thing. It touches our hearts," Fanny said.

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