AUSTIN — Get ready to jump around, Austinites. The world's largest bounce house has arrived.

As part of their nationwide tour, the Big Bounce America made a stop in Austin for the weekend. The event opened to the public April 13.

KVUE got a sneak peek at the sight early April 13:


Aside from being the biggest bounce house ever, the company also has an unexpected background.

Big Bounce America tour manager, Dean Parris, said the inspiration behind this magical bounce house is all thanks to two men from Scotland.

"Two guys from Scotland basically decided they wanted to create the largest bounce house. It had never been done before and they wanted to bring that magic to America and that's exactly what they've done," Parris said.


According to Parris, the 10,000-square-foot bounce house takes hours to assemble.

"It took a lot of man power and 12 hours to air it up," Parris said.

The bounce house won't stay long, so make sure you take advantage of it quick. The bounce house sets up at a different location every weekend.

Tickets for this event located at 9507 Sherman Road at Carson Creek Ranch can be purchased here.

Session information and ticket prices are as follows:

  • "Toddler Sessions" are for children aged 3 and under accompanied by parents. Tickets are $10 each.
  • "Junior Sessions" are slower paced sessions aimed mainly at kids aged 7 and under. Tickets are $17 each.
  • "Bigger Kids Sessions" can be a bit more boisterous and are aimed at kids aged 8 to 15. Tickets are $17 each.
  • "Adult Only Sessions" are for anyone aged 16 and over. Anyone aged 15 or under will not be admitted during this session. Tickets are $25 each.