Heidi Levens says the last few days have been a blur.

"He was wearing a jersey, and he had on these flip flops right here," Levens said pointing to articles of clothes stashed in the back of her yellow Dodge truck. The truck has now become infamous linked to a very bizarre police incident involving her fiancee, Rojelio Gonzales, who is now arrested and in custody.

"Everybody thinks he's such a bad person, and they don't know. They don't know because they didn't live with him like I did," she said.

He was behind the wheel leading police on a chase on Highway 80. It later turned into a standoff with SWAT. Traffic was at a standstill for miles.

Heidi says her fiancee doesn't need jail, he needs mental help. Rogelio is bipolar and suffers other mental illnesses, she says. Heidi says he was turned away from a hospital last week but WFAA was not able to confirm that claim.

She says that morning they were supposed to get married, but he was not himself. She says he threatened to take her truck to a chop shop for money. Heidi argued with him sitting in the bed of the truck.

"I immediately jumped out and started yelling 'Help!'" she said.

By the time the standoff was over, Rojelio had taken off all his clothes. It appears he left those clothes in the backseat. SWAT Officers arrested him naked.

"He's in shock. He's like 'I didn't get naked.' He doesn't even remember," she said.

Gonzalez faces many charges -- evading arrest and several outstanding warrants.