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Witnesses say axe attack in Richardson stemmed from business feud at local coffee shop

A witness told WFAA he saw the shop's owner being attacked by two other men and that one of them had an axe.

RICHARDS, Texas — Chaos unfolded outside a coffee shop in Richardson on Friday night as three men got into a fight -- and one of them had an axe.

Police said they responded to the fight around 8 p.m. in the 500 block of West Campbell Road, near the University of Texas at Dallas campus.

A caller had reported that several people, including one with an axe, were involved in a fight and were injured. Two people were transported to a hospital, while the third was treated at the scene. 

Several witnesses told WFAA the fight happened outside of the I Love You A-Latte coffee shop. Sean Insalaco, a pizza delivery driver who works next door to the coffee shop, said he witnessed the axe attack.

Insalaco said the fight began outside of the coffee shop. He said he watched the owner of the coffee shop get attacked by two men and that two women stood nearby.

“Something wasn’t right, and then all of a sudden they both grabbed him and drag him in,” Insalaco said.

He said he called 911 after he watched the owner of the coffee shop get dragged into his own business.

“[The owner] was definitely getting attacked by multiple people. Both those gentlemen were beating on him and he got hurt bad,” Insalaco said.

Insalaco stayed on the phone with dispatch until police got there.

“All of a sudden, I see a hand hatchet and the guy has it and he starts walking towards the front door and I’m standing in front of the door… so I blocked the door and I said 'you’re not coming out here until the police get here. You stay inside,'” Insalaco said.

From there, an axe attack unfolded.

“He pushed on the door a little bit so he goes back and starts hitting on the guy, he takes his axe and hits the [owner] with it,” Insalaco said. “Then the owner grabs the head of the axe with his hand and he just holds it for dear life, obviously.”

Nick Chicu, the owner of Nick’s Tailor next to the coffee shop, told WFAA that the current coffee shop owner had an ongoing money-related dispute with the shop's previous owner.

“He told me before, he’s fighting,” Chicu said.

Chicu said he watched the current owner and previous owner being rolled away on stretchers after the fight.

“He said 'I don't worry about it, If he wants to fight, I’ll fight.' Two weeks later, this is what happened,” Chicu said.

Police have not said if there will be any charges filed.

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