The shock and panic felt by so many during an attack on police in downtown Dallas Thursday night was captured in a series of witness interviews on News 8.

Police say multiple gunmen opened fire on Dallas Police officers at what was intended to be a peaceful protest against police brutality nationwide.

At least 11 officers were shot. Five of them have died.

Witnesses shared their experience from in or around the action:

An encounter with a suspect: 'Somebody's gonna die'

“He says, ‘Somebody’s gonna die tonight.’ Cocks [his rifle] back. Cop car’s passing by, and he just unloads on the cop car.”

Trying to help others while bullets are flying by

“What we tried to do is get the women and children back there in the protest away from the gunfire. They were moving toward it, and we had to get them back in the traffic.”

Witness describes 'mayhem' at start of attack

“The rally was great. And next thing you know the [suspect] is just walking by. He walks by looking normal, but he lets the rally go by. But once he gets to the light, it’s just mayhem. He just starts shooting at the cops.”

Woman describes seeing sniper atop downtown building

"I’m scared, actually, because I keep seeing these men with big guns, and everyone is telling me, ‘Move!’ ‘Run!’ It was supposed to be a peaceful protest."

'Before I knew it, glass shattered'

“Before I knew it the El Centro glass window shattered...We ran for cover. Moments before that you heard maybe seven or eight rounds.”