A Rockwall man is asking questions about who is responsible for keeping the peace on Lake Ray Hubbard after he says he was fired upon from shore.

Nathan Cook was out on the water Monday afternoon with his wife, teenage daughter and her friend when he ways he heard a strange noise near the popular Party Cove area close to I-30.

"As soon as I put my anchor in, I started hearing some faint pops," Cook recalled.

At first, he thought it was just a fish jumping in the water, but then he said he looked up at the shore and saw a man with a gun.

"What I thought in my mind was a black rifle," he said.

Cook said the shots landed about 20 feet from the boat, and he has no doubt that the person was aiming at him because he later saw the gunman aim at jet ski riders.

Cook said his family crouched down in the boat for cover while he called 911, but then things got murky.

"When you dial 911, you expect help on the other end," Cook said.

Lake Ray Hubbard is a maze of jurisdictions. The water is the responsibility of Dallas Police, but the shoreline is divided among Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland and Dallas.

Cook said Dallas Police picked up the call, and transferred him to Rowlett, who dispatched three officers.

Rowlett Police now say the I-30 shoreline was actually likely Dallas Police's jurisdiction, but they respond regardless to emergency calls on the lake. In this case, the officers found the shooter and determined he was firing a pellet gun.

"One individual admitted to shooting into the water. He said he was shooting at a log," said Det. Cruz Hernandez, Rowlett Police spokesperson. "No one was injured, and there was no property damage."

Hernandez says firing any weapon at a boater with intent would be illegal, but in this case, Rowlett officers did a full investigation and did not make any arrest because they did not find probable cause.

Cook, though, claims a Rowlett officer at the scene told him that the officers did not have jurisdiction.

"He pointed back behind him, said 'This is Rockwall jurisdiction, and we're Rowlett, and our hands are tied,'" Cook said.

He admits that he got short with officers, using some inappropriate language, but he said he was angry that it was not clear-cut who's responsible for keeping watch out on the Lake.

"When they respond, you expect something to be done," Cook said.