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WFAA's award-winning photographers look back at the visuals they captured in 2021

The people behind our stunning videos step in front of the lens for a look back at the weather, food and heartfelt stories they shot over the course of the last year
Credit: WFAA

DALLAS — Since 1961, WFAA has based its operations out of its home at 606 Young Street, tucked away in a cozy corner of Downtown Dallas. 

It's here that our newsroom documents what happens across North Texas on a daily basis. (It's also, once again, the home of our daily broadcasts as well.)

But while you may be familiar with many of our storytellers who appear in front of our cameras on a daily basis, you probably don't recognize the people who toil away behind that machinery -- even if you might recognize their work.

In many ways, these people -- the members of our award-winning photography team, specifically -- are the beating heart of what we do. 

It's their eyes through which we see the North Texas community. It's their operation through which our reports come to life on your screens.

In honor of their relentless efforts to visually capture for our viewers what life in Dallas-Fort Worth is like, we're once again turning the cameras around on this crew and asking them to share with us what stands out the most to them as they look back on a 2021 that's about to come to its close.

In the above, seven-part retrospective, our photographers reminisce about everything -- the weather, the food and the lives -- that they focused their lenses upon for our audiences in 2021.

Who is to say what this team's cameras might focus on in 2022 and the years to come? Does it really matter? Wherever the stories of Dallas-Fort Worth lead our team, our photographers will be there to document it all.

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