Three months after a 21-year-old college student from North Texas vanished in the sleepy town of Alpine, there is still no sign of Zuzu Verk.

There have also been no arrests or charges filed in the case, even though police say her boyfriend, Robert Fabian, remains the primary suspect.

“It is so important we keep her story circulating,” said Lori Verk, Zuzu’s mom. “She deserves dignity, respect and justice.”

Lori has been living in Alpine since mid-October, shortly after her daughter disappeared.

Almost immediately, investigators zeroed in on Fabian as a potential suspect, partly because they say the 26-year-old refused to answer basic questions about the night Zuzu was last seen.

According to search warrants obtained by News 8, Fabian and another person of interest, Chris Estrada, acted strangely in the days following her disappearance.

1024 Robert Fabian and Zuzu Verk
Robert Fabian and Zuzu Verk.

They talked twice on the phone in the very early morning hours on the day Zuzu went missing, and the warrants indicate her last known location was Fabian’s apartment. He also is alleged to have borrowed a family pickup truck early that same morning.

Both Estrada and Fabian have testified in front of a local grand jury, but as of Jan. 12, neither man had been indicted.

Grand jurors are expected to reconvene again this month.

“We’re hopeful for indictments,” Lori Verk said this week. “Lives have been ruined by this senseless act. Zuzu deserves better.”

Fabian’s family members have also testified, and also remain persons of interest in the case.

Zuzu was a biology student at Sul Ross State University.

She often studied in the area's parks and desert, the same 500 square mile region search crews have gone through the past 90 days.

A $200,000 reward is still active for anyone that provides credible information on her whereabouts.