Jammie Smith has been the liaison between other residents wanting to know if the water is back on in their apartments. He's been fielding phone calls from those residents on Wednesday and Thursday.

At the same time Smith is taking care of his two grandchildren until their parents come home. He says the last two days have been frustrating.

"When you don't have it you can see what you're missing," he said.

His daughter lives in the Windsor Court Apartments in Lewisville. The City tells WFAA that the entire complex has been without water since Wednesday morning because of a water line break. Residents were notified their water would be turned off while the repairs are done through a note posted on their door.

The City says the break is to a three-inch private line that supplies the apartments. In Jammie's apartment, the dishes are starting to pile up. The Windsor Court Apartments have offered jugs of water.

"Not yesterday... we had to go all last night without water," said Jammie.

The City of Lewisville learned of the break early on and tells WFAA it brought out public works, a building inspector, even the health department, just to make sure the work is done and correctly with minimal impact to residents.

On Thursday night Carmelas Leon came home with fingers crossed, hoping it would be fixed. But she was disappointed that it was not.

"He hasn't even taken a shower. I don't even know how I'm going to do it," Leon said about her son, who had just gotten out of soccer practice. For him a real shower may have to wait.

WFAA made several attempts to reach out to the apartment complex. After hour calls were also made to the management company based out of Richardson. We're still waiting on a response.

We've talked with residents who have taken up hotels, some staying with family, and some willing to wait it out, hoping the fix doesn't take much longer.

As of 9:45 p.m. the water was still off in the apartments. The City told WFAA that if water was not restored by Friday morning that the apartment would have to bring in portable restrooms for the residents.