Winter? What winter? That’s how most North Texans feel as we say hello to March and the start of Spring Wednesday!

For record keeping purposes, meteorologists classify December, January, and February as “meteorological winter.” After our 14th day of 80° high temperature Tuesday, DFW has officially shattered a slew of records!

Warmest February on Record

February 2017 is officially the warmest February on record. The average temperature (combining the high and low) was 60.6° - well above the previous record of 58.4° in 1976. This February had 9 days at or above 80°. Warm afternoons also came with mild mornings! Though the month usually averages 7 freezes, February 2017 saw no freezing temperatures. The last freeze at DFW was January 8.

Warmest Winter on Record

This Winter (December-January-February) is officially the warmest winter on record. The average temperature was 53.6° - well above the previous record of 53.1° in the Winter 1999-2000.

Most 80° Days this Winter
Many warm afternoons contributed to our warm winter! DFW recorded 14 days at or above 80° this winter. The previous record for most 80° days in a winter season was 10 days, which happened twice since record keeping began at DFW in 1898.

High Temperature Records

The warmest days this winter were 88° on February 11 and February 23. Both days tied or broke previous high-temperature records. High-temperature records were also broken December 25 (80°), December 28 (83°), and January 10 (79°).

Lack of Freezing Temperatures

Along with our warm winter, there has been a lack of freezing temperatures! In turn, flowers are blooming early. DFW averages about 33 freezes. We have only seen 11 freezes so far. February 2017 saw no freezes. Only 4 other Februarys have a record with none. The current record for the lowest number of freezes is 14.

However, the average last freeze for DFW is March 13, so North Texas still has time to see a handful of freezes before we’re all said and done! While we saw a little bit of snow and a few cold snaps, this winter has felt more like an early taste of spring.