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Everything North Texans should know about the upcoming May 6 elections

While not as big as a November election, the May election will still find North Texans making some big decisions between its municipal and school board votes.

Paul Wedding, WFAA Staff


Published: 7:05 PM CDT April 19, 2023
Updated: 7:05 PM CDT April 19, 2023

Just six months ago, we had a big midterm election. Now, North Texans already have another big voting day coming up on the calendar.

Another Election Day will day place across North Texas on Saturday, May 6, 2023. 

As usual, we'll have all of the latest results here as the come in, looking in real-time at how voters throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and across the state of Texas cast their ballots in this round of voting. 

While this year's May elections might not get as much attention as a November general election, they'll still include several key issues for voters across North Texas, and feature an array of local school board and municipal elections.

Voters in McKinney, for example, will decide on a $200 million bond proposal to develop the McKinney National Airport for commercial use. 

Dallas and Fort Worth, meanwhile, are among the cities holding mayoral elections, and while mayors Eric Johnson and Mattie Parker face little opposition, both cities will still have ever-important city council seats up for grabs.

School board positions -- quite the controversial roles these days -- are also on the line. (If you're not sure what school district you live in. you can find out here.)

The deadline to register to vote in the May election was April 6. If you're not sure whether you are registered, you can check by visiting the Texas Secretary of State's website here.

If you just registered to vote recently, you will receive a voter registration certificate within 30 days. It'll contain your voter information, including the Voter Unique Identifier number needed to update your voter registration online. If the certificate has incorrect information, you’ll need to note corrections and send it to your local voter registrar as soon as possible. 

Early voting for the May 6 election begins April 24. 

To track election results as they come in, be sure to keep a close eye on this page. You can also download the free WFAA app and sign up for alerts to follow along with election results as they come in live.

Detailed information on elections in Dallas, Fort Worth and McKinney are below. 

For other cities, keep scrolling, and you'll find links to county election pages where you can see all of the information you'll be presented with on your ballot this election.

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